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If you are searching for just the right shortcut to show a thought or idea without writing it ALL out, it is probably here. The following "expressions" are accepted in most chat rooms, and known by the majority of chatters:

AFAIK As Far As I Know LSHMBB Laughing So Hard My Belly (is) Bouncing
AFK Away From Keyboard LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
ASAP As Soon As Possible LSHMCS Laughing So Hard My Computer is Shaking
ASL or A/S/L Often misunderstood as the opening gambit in on-line chat;
literally is a question asking for age, sex, location
LTNS Long Time No See
AYPI And your point is? LTS Laughing To Self
    LU4E&A Love You For Ever And Always
BBL Be Back Later LUWAMH Love U (you) With All My Heart
BBS Be Back Soon LY (I) Love You
BF Boy Friend    
BCNU Be seeing You MH Meat head (don’t worry, they are too dumb to figure it out!)
BFN Bye For Now MIASGB Make It A Short GoodBye
BM Bite Me MOM Moment (please standby)
B.O.B. Cool (don’t ask me where that one came from)    
BOC But of course N2S Needless To Say
BOSEG Big Ole S--t Eating Grin NE1 Anyone
BRB Be Right Back NE1CN(name) Anyone Seen (name)
BTW By The Way NK New Kid
BWL Bursting With Laughter NONYA (It’s) None of Ya Business
C&G Chuckle & Grin OIC Oh, I See
CBL Come back later (or just L8R) OL Old Lady (usually wife)
CID Crying In Disgrace OM Old Man (usually hubby)
COI Come on in OMG Oh My God
CNP... Continued (in) Next Post OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head
CP Chat Post    
CRS Can’t Remember S--t PDS Please Don’t Shoot
CQ or CQ (person) Asking for a chat with someone PDSTM Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger
CSG Chuckle Snicker Grin PDQ Pretty Darn/Damn Quick
CUIC See you in church PM Private Message
CYA See Ya (you) PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
CYAL8R See You Later PIMP Pissing In My Pants
    PMSL (I need a large wad of incontinence pads) Pissing myself laughing
DE Double-entrendre or double meaning POAHF Put On A Happy Face
DLN Don’t leave now POOF (writer has left chatroom) I’m Gone
DLTBBB Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite    
DOS Dozing Off Soon QM There’s a lot of static on the line
DTL Deep Throaty Laugh QSL (please reply to me) Answer Me
EG Evil Grin QSO (conversation going on) Talking
EMML E-mail me later QT Cutie
EMSG E-mail Message    
    RME Rolling My Eyes
FIIK (I haven’t a clue) ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition ROFLMAO ...My @$$ Off
FWIW For What It’s Worth ROFLMAOAY ...My @$$ Off At You
FYI For Your Information ROFLMAOHOLCDFPIMP ...hysterically out loud collecting dog fur peeing in my pants
    ROFLMAOWTIME ...With Tears In My Eyes
G Grin ROFLUTS ...Unable To Speak
GF Girl Friend RTSM (G-rated version) Read The Stupid Manual
GFN Gone For Now    
GLAWTOM Good Lord, Again With The "Type-O-Matic"! S Smile
GMBO Giggling My Butt Off SETE Smiling (from) Ear To Ear
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike SHID Slaps Head In Disgust
GOK God Only Knows SNAFU Situation Normal All Fouled Up
GR8 Great SO Significant Other (mate)
GTSY Glad to See You SOS Same Old Story
    SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
H&K Hugs And Kisses SWL Screaming With Laughter
HABU Have A Better ‘Un (one) SYS See You soon
HAGN Have A Good Night    
HAGU Have A Good ‘Un (one) TA Thanks Again
HF Have Fun TBDL To Be Discussed Later
HHIS Hanging Head In Shame TBNT Thanks But No Thanks
HIG How’s It Going? TEN4 (read you loud and clear)
HMP Help Me Please TGIF Thank God It’s Friday
HORU How Old Are You (cf ASL) TKS Thanks
HU Heads Up, information (as in the expression "TKS 4 HU") TOY Thinking Of You
    TTFN Ta Ta For Now (bye)
IAMBIC I’m A Make Believe (imaginary) Character TTYL Talk To You Later
IC I See TY Thank you
IGGP I Gotta Go Pee    
IMO In My Opinion UCCOM You Can Count On Me
IMHO In My Humble Opinion UOM^$ You Owe Me money
INL I’m Not Laughing UR You are
IRL In Real Life    
IWALU I Will Always Love U (you) VBS Very Big Smile
IYD In Your Dreams    
    W! or WR or WE Whatever!
JAS Just A Second WB Welcome Back
JK Just Kidding WEG Wicked Evil Grin
JMO Just My Opinion WG Wicked Grin
JTLYK Just To Let You Know WH What’s Happening
    WRU Where are you?
KHYF Know How You Feel WTG Way To Go
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid WTH What/Who The Heck
KIT Keep In Touch WU or W^ What’s Up?
KOTC Kiss On The Cheek    
KOTL Kiss On The Lips WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
KOTLWALT ... With a Little/Lot (of) Tongue YBS You’ll Be Sorry
    YW You’re welcome
L8R Later    
L8R G8R Later ‘Gator ^5 High Five
LABTYD Life’s A Bitch and Then You Die ^K^ Butterfly kisses
LAY Looking at You ((( name ))) Hugs (name) - the more parentheses the tighter the hug
LHM Lord Help Me    
LHO Laughing Head Off    
LHU Lord Help Us    
LIS Lost In Space    
LOIS Laughing On the Inside    
LOL Laughing Out Loud (sometimes Lots of Luck, but not usually!)