What a mess

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yes sozz I was........ but all is ok now.

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I read a couple of reviews about IE8. Here's what one of them concluded:

I have been quite critical of IE8, but it is moving in the right direction and is far better than IE7. I would certainly recommend the upgrade for the page rendering and developer tools alone.

As a browser, IE8 is not terribly exciting. The new features are a little gimmicky and the interface has a slightly inconsistent and unfinished feel. Why can’t IE open the last session on start-up? Why can’t I choose tab colors? Why offer three different rendering modes?

Microsoft try hard to make their applications suitable for users at all levels of experience and IE8 is no exception. Unfortunately, although they have taken the best features from other browsers, they hide them from novices and made them awkward for experts. IE8 often gives the impression that it knows what’s best for you.

For novices or those who want fast, unencumbered browsing, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or a basic Firefox installation probably offer a better experience. For expert users, Opera or an extension-powered Firefox will be preferable. It is tempting to say that IE8 is suitable for the “average” user, but I’m not convinced it is.

Overall, IE8 is a welcome addition to a healthy and increasingly crowded browser market. I am glad Microsoft have revived the product and Windows users should not hesitate in upgrading. However, it is unlikely to sway many away from their current browser of choice. Few people would argue that IE8 is the best browser available; its user share probably owes more to strict corporate policies and user inaction.

If you think I'm wrong then say "I think you're wrong". If you say, "You're wrong", how do you know?

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