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Aussie teens stressed about stress

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8 years 1 week ago - 8 years 1 week ago #1 by sozzled
Aussie teens stressed about stress was created by sozzled
Mission Australia recently undertook a survey of young Australians aged between 11 and 24 to find out more about what concerns our young people. This news item from The Daily Telegraph puts a spin on the findings of that survey: blogs.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/sarrahl...tressed_about_stress

There's a lot for all of us to think about - and I'm not judging the quality of the media report I mentioned. Far be it that I would offer any suggestions as to why young Australians feel particularly stressed today (any more than at any other time in history) but I certainly agree that young people must feel vulnerable because of economic uncertainty, the difficulties that they experience in studying, looking for work, coping with peer group pressures, the complexities of modern life, etc., etc.

I don't think it assists the debate for those of us who are much older to trivialise the issues confronting younger people - we had enough problems ourselves when we were young, too, in case people forget - but I also think that the media could assist the process by facilitating the input from younger people instead of offering their editorial opinion as to why things are so particularly difficult today.

If you think I'm wrong then say "I think you're wrong". If you say, "You're wrong", how do you know?
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