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Childcare workers salaries

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5 years 10 months ago #1 by sozzled
Childcare workers salaries was created by sozzled

As any parent knows, it's a tough job looking after children.  It's tough in modern times, juggling one's priorities to go to work, to make enough money to pay the bills and to enjoy a reasonable quality of life in order to deal with everyday needs as well as to provide for the security and well-being of our children.  For many Australians trying to make ends meet, it's just not possible to be able to go to work if one has children not old enough to attend school and many families depend on childcare centres to look after children during work hours.  Parents who rely on childcare centres need the security of knowing that their children will be properly cared for by those who are employed in such places.  Childcare workers are people, too, who have thier own bills to pay, who want to enjoy a reasonable quality of life, just like everyone else.  I'm saddened that our Government, in what I can only consider to be a cynical exercise in political point-scoring, has not grasped any understanding of the needs of parents and childcare workers in undertaking this vital role in raising our kids.


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