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It has been nearly three years since this site was created and a lot has happened in that time.  It was always my original intention to get the site up-and-running quickly and, sometime later, concentrate on what worked and to eliminate things that got in the way.  The one constant in life is that everything changes; priorities change and people's needs also change.  The intention, however, is the same:  the site should exist where like-minded people could meet, with the idea of cultivating a multinational mix of thinkers and "'bloggers"; a bit of something for everyone with uncluttered, searchable and easy-to-navigate message boards, help for first-timers to old-timers, and where opinions could be shared and and real discussions would take place.

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MARILYNinPERTH replied the topic: #1 7 years 11 months ago
Hello Nice to find the invite in my almost obsolete hotmail. I use that for communicating with my adult children and sending pictures to my grandchildren. But yes I have kept up with the times by joining facebook, not twitter. I have been popping back into Buzzen now and then at night when I am printing stuff out.
Blogs seem to be all the rage, but I don`t do them either, not sure the old chatters in any place would be interested in my life. Dull. But I did help make another website get moving PerthPoms, for immigrants wanting information on everything. When I joined that about 12 mths ago, there were too many pages with unanswered questions, so cutting and pasting comes in handy.
I still advise women on what dating sites not to join, (with all the old faces on that will never give up) one wonders what their wives think of it all.
Anyway I will mention this room when I see Annicapes next. hope it all works out for you..... kind regards. MIP ;)
ConcertForGeorgeNut replied the topic: #2 8 years 3 weeks ago
Hiya Sweetness

I'm doing just fine up here on the coast. Not too busy with sports these days (although today's gonna be a biggy with the rugby league from England, followed the final round of the President's Cup golf - looks like an all-dayer for me).

Been travelling overseas these past few years(Ireland, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Scotland, London). Have really caught the travel bug, and am off to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island at Christmas, followed by California, Nevada, Arizona in June 2012, then New York City in Xmas/New Year 2012-13.

How's things in your life ?

I'm really pleased to see the Quoroom up and running again. This was my favourite place on the internet to drop into daily. I hope we can get the discussions fired up again.
SweetNess replied the topic: #3 8 years 4 weeks ago
Hey, George. How's our favourite sports nut? :lol:
ConcertForGeorgeNut replied the topic: #4 8 years 1 month ago

Another old timer, checking back in. Hope to see lots of activity in here again.

SweetNess replied the topic: #5 8 years 1 month ago
Welcome back, Sandie. Nice to see your words again. B)